Orchestra: a comprehensive approach to achieving excellence with safety designed in

In 2007, all the companies comprising VINCI Construction France adopted a project preparation and scheduling method drawing on the Orchestra project-management methodology.

All the VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial employees, from first-line supervisors to engineers, follow a training syllabus to acquire this methodology, which enables people to anticipate, doing away with time-consuming and risk-generating improvisation.
Orchestra imparts a genuine project-centred momentum. Each person involved shares a common language associated with an understanding of the business and skills of everyone involved in the project.

In Orchestra, the project organisation embraces all phases, from costing to the client's acceptance of the works. In this methodology, nothing is left to chance, whether it be calculating the working load of the cranes or the composition of teams, working pace and scheduling. For the client, this methodology gives the assurance of high-quality works and lead times compliant with the initial commitments.

With structuring common to all the companies comprising VINCI Construction France, Orchestra today gives us a management tool that drives performance and excellence that are recognised and shared..