Écoquartier Flaubert, Rouen

Flaubert eco-neighborhood

Development work on the banks of the Bassin aux Bois, located south of the Rollet peninsula in Rouen (94).

  • Site / Location : Rouen
  • Customer : Métropole Rouen Normandie
  • Duration : 14 month

Project Description

As part of the reconquest of the banks of the Seine and the development of the future Rouen Flaubert district, VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial developed the banks of the Bassin aux Bois, located south of the Rollet Peninsula in Rouen (94 ). The works, which took place from May 2018 to March 2019, now offer residents a new place to walk and relax in the heart of the city of Rouen.

These works, located on the south bank of the Presqu’île, have enabled the Criquebeuf-sur-Seine agency to deploy its innovation, a pre-vegetated gabion on site and adapted to the constraints of the Seine. This innovative system, made up of a mineral structure and pre-cultivated in the nursery, allows immediate development of developments in the landscape.

The ecological, plant and mineral engineering teams of VINCI Construction Maritime and Fluvial have brought their innovation to redevelop, renaturate and make the banks accessible to the public. The former “coal peninsula” has now returned to its rural vocation.