Vu aérienne du Barrage de Luzonne

Luzzone Dam

Dredging, transport and storage of 125,000 m3 of material located at the upstream foot of the dam.

Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, this complex and particularly difficult-to-access construction site (very narrow tunnels, helicopter or a cable car) was completed in two years with the site closed during the winter seasons. This dredging operation, with a very high depth of up to 213 m, required significant material investments.

  • Site / Location : Canton of Tessin (Switzerland)
  • Customer : Ofible
  • Duration : 2 years

Project description

For this dredging project, VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial used two 80-m3 split hopper barges, a 30-m long and 18-m wide platform with a 130-tonne Liebherr duty cycle crane and a 10-m3 clamshell bucket to dredge 600 m3 of material per day.

In addition, this deep dredging carried out on an operating reservoir required the implementation of complex “tailor-made” solutions, in particular to guarantee the positioning of the dredging tool and optimised management of water turbidity, or to devise a sustainable solution for the pilling of cuttings at a depth of more than 50 m.