Port de Brest

Port of Brest

Construction of a new port terminal for renewable maritime energy.

Entered into for a period of several years (2016-2020), the main aim of this major construction programme is to create new industrial spaces on the vast land reserves located to the east of the commercial port. It is accompanied by measures to optimise the area where the city and port meet through the creation of new landscaped public spaces.

  • Site / Location : Port of Brest (Finistère)
  • Customer : The region of Brittany
  • Duration : 4 years

Project description

This vast project is organised in two parts: land-based operations to stabilise and develop the existing polder (28 ha) on the one hand, and the completion of the extension over the sea creating a new polder (14 ha) on the other hand. This includes the construction of a 380-m long quay, with a rear platform for unloading dedicated to marine renewable energies (MRE) and an 890-m long arched dam, which will close the “crate” to form the new polder.