VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial

Marineff Project

Project to enhance the coastal ecosystems of the English Channel.

  • Site / Location : Cherbourg (50) and Bernières-sur-Mer (14)
  • Duration : 4 years

Description du projet

VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial is a partner in the MARINEFF project (MARine INfrastructures EFFects), which aims to enhance the coastal ecosystems of the English Channel. It is led by a group of partners: ESITC Caen (lead partner), VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial, Travaux Publics du Cotentin, the University of Southampton, Bournemouth University, Ports de Normandie, University of Exeter, the University from Caen Normandy and the National Museum of Natural History in Dinard. The project was selected within the framework of the European cross-border cooperation program INTERREG VA France / England co-financed by the ERDF to the tune of 3.9M€ (total budget 5.7M€).

Today, maritime infrastructure (dikes, jetties, quays, groynes, moorings, etc.) is neither designed nor built with the aim of improving and protecting ecosystems.

The MARINEFF project aims to develop marine infrastructure improving the ecological state of coastal waters along the English Channel.

The project aims to build new biomimetic infrastructures to improve the ecological state in France and Great Britain, as well as to involve professionals and stakeholders in the project.

The role of VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial in this project is to participate in the design of infrastructures in relation to our partners and to immerse them on the Cherbourg and Bernières-sur-Mer sites.

MARINEFF (2018 – 2023)

European cross-border project aimed at testing and deploying biomimetic maritime infrastructures in the France Manche England area.

Budget: 5.7 M €

You will find more information on these pages: ce projetInfrastructures maritimes biomimétiques (MARINEFF)